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as prescribed in the WWF-Singapore Personal Data Protection Policy, and the sharing of my Personal Information with the program partners, Temasek Foundation and Green Is The New Black.

Choice of Master Classes

Before you start reading this, get a cup of coffee or a glass of water. Because this is going to take a while. We have so much to tell you on this page that we had to put the rest of the information in a pdf. Of course, we’d like to keep things short and sweet, fun and quirky, but hey, we have got a planet to save and knowing what you are going to gain from this programme is as important. Let's dive into it!


Our programme has 3 main components:

1. 3 weeks of master classes - once a week for 3 weeks

2. 5 days of intensive boot camp for 50 successful applicants

3. 5 months of mentorship


Prepare your social media skills and your sustainability ideas. Because these masterclasses are built to hone them. Along with many other things, during the masterclasses, you will learn how to identify disruptive sustainability solutions and maybe even more importantly how to pitch that idea. Because even a brilliant idea can’t do any good if it is not executed. Right?

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