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My Items

Chief Marketing Officer

Climate Director, Atmos

Climate justice advocate

Co-founder, Bad Activist Collective

Creative Director & Sustainability Designer
Disrupt Design & The Unschool

Creative Director, Intersectional Environmentalist

Documentary photographer, climate justice advocate, explorer
Co-founder, Latinas for Climate & Climate Words
Lead Storyteller, EcoResolution

Engagement Lead, Intersectional Environmentalist

Environmentalist and digital creator

Environmentalist, climate justice activist
CoFounder, Plus1Vote

Founder - Green Is The New Black
Host - Live Wide Awake Podcast

Founder - Something Private
Producer, Host - Our Grandfather Story

Indigenous youth climate justice and environmental defender

Member, Bad Activist Collective

Movement Building Associate
Building Movement Project

Outreach and engagement manager
Climate Interactive

Policy Lead, Too Hot Too Cold

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