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Do you remember that feeling when you meet a stranger for the first time?

The time when you all of a sudden feel a deep connection, joy, excitement and lots of other mixed feelings

You don’t know them yet, but they are just like you. Doing their parts in making this world a better place, one silly idea at a time.

When you join the movement, you become a part of a unique community, where you can bounce ideas to solve sustainability issues, share your unfiltered opinions, memes, stickers and more. Don’t hold anything back. This is where you co-create.

Download the conversation starter pack

We know talking to a stranger can sometimes be nerve-racking.

That’s why we’ve created some conversation starters for you. Download and use them any time you feel like "What the heck am I gonna say now?".

You can also use the empty template to write your own words on it, so you can make it creative and personal.

Welcome to the community familiar stranger!

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